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3D Creative: Delivering One-Stop Additive Manufacturing Services

Top 10 3D Printing Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

3D printing is now embraced by the early-majority for serial production. With widespread applications across several industries - including Automotive, Aerospace, Maritime, Medical, Space, Sports, Motorsports, Railway, and Defense - 3D printing is modifying new product development and aftermarket supply chains across the world. With greater acceptance of 3D printing and more sensors offering enhanced understanding into the 3D printing build process, organisations are gathering more data than ever. But collecting data is not sufficient as organisations need to build the accumulated data actionable.

At present, AI is a promising and potent technology to assimilate large datasets and produce actionable insights. But this demands not only substantial datasets but also in-depth knowledge of the process itself. Or in this instance: the 3D printing build process. In recent years, 3D printing has progressed on many fronts: faster machines, fresh materials, and better finishing options. Currently, organisations witness all of this progress coming together to establish a fascinating new climate of innovation.

Further, recent developments in 3D printing machines, software, and materials are generating an impeccable storm of opportunities. In previous years, consumers may not have the knowledge or bothered about the manufacturing process behind their product of choice. Now, with more remarkable performance, aesthetics, and active participation in the customisation process, 3D printing is all set to make a substantial impact across industries. In 2020, and beyond, people will uncover and experience products they never envisioned before.

Manufacturing Technology Insights editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the 3D printing solution and service industry. We hope this issue of the Manufacturing Technology Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights, Top 10 3D Printing Solution Providers in Europe 2020.

    Top 3D Printing Solution Companies in Europe

  • 3D Creative, as a one-stop shop, provides a wide array of premium quality 3D printing services including 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and 3D Modelling. The company provides all essential polymer-based 3D printing technologies, including SLS (selective laser sintering), SLA (stereolithography), and FDM (fused deposition modelling) that help customers to produce products up to 1x1x1xm solid unit. They also offer 3D modelling services with CAD and Digital Sculpting programs. Besides, 3D Creative also delivers high-quality 3D scanning services covering everything, from small items with 10 mm of complex geometric surfaces to large objects like machine parts, and even sculptures

  • AM Flow

    AM Flow

    Provides end to end digital manufacturing solutions starting right after 3D printers have done their job

  • 3D PRINT

    3D PRINT

    3D PRINT company is a design office, specialised in technology consulting and mechanical prototypes and small series manufacturing. We are looking for versatility, and listening to our clients needs.Start-up atmosphere, the average age is 32 years old. Our young, dynamic, flexible state of mind, our execution's quality and speed within company and team create and retain our customer's collaboration

  • ACEO


    A service provider for silicone prototypes and small series in automotive, healthcare, electronics and lifestyle goods

  • Additive Manufacturing Technologies

    Additive Manufacturing Technologies

    The company's focus in on the status quo of 3D processing, transform the way automotive, medical, electronic and consumer parts are made

  • ExOne


    At ExOne®, we rapidly solve our customers’ toughest problems through agile, innovative 3D printing solutions. Using Binder Jetting technology, an additive manufacturing process, to selectively join a binding agent with industrial-grade powder particles, ExOne 3D printers create a custom finished product from a 3D CAD file using metal, sand, or ceramic materials

  • Identify3D


    The Identify3D technology suite protects confidentiality and integrity of data in digital manufacturing by providing intellectual property protection, manufacturing repeatability, and traceability — from initial design to finished product. By providing tight control of the digital supply chain, we unlock the potential of distributed manufacturing

  • Materialise


    The company has over 25 years of experience in providing 3D printing services and software solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and art and design

  • MMP


    The company's selective removal of roughness enables to obtain and control the super-finishes of surfaces at a level of homogeneity and reproducibility never reached

  • Sinterit


    Sinterit is the world's first manufacturer of desktop 3D printers in professional laser sintering technology. It has been found in 2014. Sinterit’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing by giving organizations affordable 3D printer that makes it possible to create highest quality prints in SLS technology.Sinter lasering technology is the next step in 3d printing: it makes possible to print objects that are difficult or impossible to be printed in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technique – the most popular technology in 3d printing market. Currently Sinterit ships Lisa all over the world